Equipment management

Calculable investment costs

The investment costs for increasingly powerful devices are often difficult to calculate and can place an unnecessary burden on a hospital budget before cost benefits can be realized.

Equipment investmentsOwn operationLife Systems
CostsUsually higher purchase prices, possibly advantage due to available investment fundsbest purchasing conditions – flexible billing models – no investment backlog in the clinic
Security and riskShort-term replacement in the event of equipment failure or increased demand
Additional costsExtraordinary additional costs due to equipment failure, replacement purchases and repairsFlexible solutions for predictable costs, e.g. cover for maintenance/repair, insurance, replacement equipment
Use of resourcesAdditional time required for QM system, fulfillment of operator obligations, possible communication with authoritiesAssumption of all operator obligations and risks in accordance with MPDG / MPBetrV, assumption of any communication with authorities

We can offer you various models to give you a precise and calculable overview of the costs:

Four models
  • Purchase – Benefit from our purchasing conditions
  • Rent – as a full service or pure provision
  • Pay per use – only pay when you actually use the device
  • Leasing

Get a customized offer for the devices you have selected, such as heart-lung machines, hypothermia devices or ECLS / ECMO consoles.

Certified safety and quality

It goes without saying that we are also responsible for the maintenance and repair of the devices in accordance with the Medical Devices Implementation Act (MPDG) and the Medical Devices Operator Ordinance (MPBetreibV). Life Systems is also certified in accordance with the quality management standard DIN EN ISO 13485.


On request, we can also supply you with the necessary consumables, such as oxygenators, tubing sets, cannulas, etc. In line with our philosophy, we advise our customers independently of manufacturers, so that we can procure the desired devices and consumables from all manufacturers active on the market following a joint, preliminary needs analysis.

ConsumablesOwn operationLife Systems
CostsGenerally good purchase prices via purchasing associationLargest single purchaser in Germany, best price comparisons passed several times in 2017 (benchmark: UNICO and Sana), Life Systems bears costs and risk for warehousing, excess consumption, inventory differences
FlexibilityChange may only be possible through tenderingFlexible change of suppliers at any time
Additional costsComplaints, replacement suppliers in the event of delivery difficulties etc. must be arranged via internal purchasingFast replacement procurement if main supplier is unable to deliver, Life Systems takes over individual adaptation of material, always sufficient replacement supply through “exchange” between the individual companies
Use of resourcesLife Systems provides resources

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Life Systems - Thanks to many years of experience in our specialty segment and excellent references, we are one of the leading companies for perfusion services and surgical assistance. Life Systems Medizintechnik-Service GmbH is certified according to the CERT_DIN EN ISO 13485_2016 standard by ecm Zertifizierungsgesellschaft für Medizinprodukte in Europa mbH.


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