Personnel management

We provide support – for as long as you need us!

Our experienced perfusionists will be happy to support you on a temporary or long-term basis.

For special requirements such as paediatric or oncoperfusion, TAVI support and ECMO support, we have highly specialized specialists in our team.

Permanent teams on site

Our teams include some of the best and best-known perfusionists in Germany, who we train and educate on an ongoing basis. Our employees know the organization, infrastructure and processes in the clinic and can therefore provide your team with optimal support. For this reason, the long-standing and trusting cooperation between our perfusionists and the surgeons and OR staff on site guarantees a smooth surgical procedure.

Perfusionists as stand-ins

In times of temporary staff shortages, our stand-ins are available to you at short notice and within the shortest possible time – even for special requirements. The duration of the assignment is determined by you individually. Thanks to their many years of experience in various clinics, our stand-ins will quickly integrate into your team and the OR organization.

Personnel managementOwn operationLife Systems
CostsPlanning for vacation and sickness cover, additional wage costs due to overtime, shift bonusesReliable cost basis; staffing levels can be supplemented by stand-ins – this generally results in a smaller workforce. Efficient deployment of personnel
FlexibilityLow, only by increasing and reducing overtime or additional external staff, natural fluctuation; dismissal of staff rather difficultIf necessary, the personnel concept can be flexibly adapted, e.g. if the number of operating theaters decreases
Safety and riskPossible absence from surgery due to illness and vacationPool of stand-ins guarantees prompt support for the team
Ancillary costsz. e.g. training costs, downtimeincluded
Use of resourcesTime and costs for administration and recruitmentCost degression through allocation of administration and recruiting costs

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Life Systems - Thanks to many years of experience in our specialty segment and excellent references, we are one of the leading companies for perfusion services and surgical assistance. Life Systems Medizintechnik-Service GmbH is certified according to the CERT_DIN EN ISO 13485_2016 standard by ecm Zertifizierungsgesellschaft für Medizinprodukte in Europa mbH.


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